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New Books
The door of no return
The Christmas book flood
A very Mercy Christmas
Earthling : poems
Warrior princess : the story of Khutulun
Walter had a best friend
Diasporican : a Puerto Rican cookbook
The last chairlift : a novel
Liberation day : stories
The family game : a novel
Anything but plain
Poster girl
On fragile waves
Ghostwritten : four novellas
Where we end & begin
The furrows : an elegy : a novel
The ex talk
The Whalebone Theatre
Do what they say or else
Piet Mondrian : a life : a biography
Camino a Macondo : ficciones 1950-1966
The other mother : a novel
Idle Gossip
The Blackbriar genesis
Jacqueline in Paris : a novel
Sweet, Soft, Plenty Rhythm
Little Eve
House of hunger
Home sweet Christmas
Voice of fear
We spread
Murder on the Spanish Seas
Natural history : stories
Cradles of the Reich : a novel
Illuminations : stories
A ballet of lepers : a novel and stories