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New Sound Recordings
Dropout boogie [CD music]
Sparring partners [CD book]
American pie [CD music]
Lifted [CD music]
Dragon new warm mountain I believe in you [CD music]
Chloë and the next 20th century [CD music]
12 stars [CD music]
Songs from the river wind [CD music]
Sympathy for life [CD music]
Electricity [CD music]
Run Rose run [CD Music]
Nothing is impossible [CD music]
Make a happy face [CD music]
You are magic [CD music]
22 seconds [CD book]
Finding me [CD book]
Pyromania [CD Music]
Buckskin [CD Music]
Blues without you [CD music]
Violin sonatas [CD music]
12th of June [CD music]
A rainha da viola caipira [CD music]